Monday, April 16, 2012

Jumping Over Cows

     In 2010, when I first started using our new DSLR  camera during our trip back home to the Philippines, I chanced upon some kids and my sister-in-law's nephews playing in the street.  They were playing "Luksong Baka" which translated can be said as 'Jumping Cows' or 'Jumping Over Cows' for that was the point of the game.  It starts with the "IT" or the 'cow' crunching on his/her back and the others jump over him/her.  When a round was over, the "cow" still bends over, but this time not crunching too much so as to make the height of his back taller, and he/she does this for the next rounds.  It ends when someone can't jump high enough and makes a mistake like hitting the "IT" with the jumper's foot/leg or falling back over cause he couldn't jump the height.  Come to think of it, Jumping Cows was definitely an accident-happy (like 'trigger-happy') kinda game.  And as an adult, I thought I probably wouldn't play it anymore for fear of hurting myself, or the person who was the 'cow'.  Nevertheless, these kids didn't care and were just having so much fun playing in the middle of the street that I couldn't resist taking out the camera to start taking pictures.

     I just had the basic lens kit and had to go nearer the kids who were playing to get a shot because the range of the lens wasn't long.  I told the kids I would take pictures and they just shrugged.  Many turned out blurred as I was just using the "auto" mode, for I hadn't explored how to use the camera yet.  I was able to take one almost decent shot before I was kicked in the shin by a kid who walked right in front of me, one who was watching the game and not looking where he was going.  (You'll see part of his hand in the picture.) I almost got angry with the kid, thinking about how the camera (the expensive camera that I was still paying for in bestbuy!) almost fell, and I haven't even used it for a month.  He apologized and I let go of my anger. 

    I realized that that was part of taking photos. Sometimes you had to go closer where you'll sometimes run the risk of being knocked over. Unless, you want to take the picture from the same safe angle where you won't feel the gush of the wind, nor see the panoramic view...from above the cow. 

Nah!  I think I just need better lens --- to be on the safe side.  Haha!  ;-p

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