Sunday, April 15, 2012

Behind the Viewfinder

""Can you See anything?" "Yes, wonderful things.""
- Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter

I saw this quote about photography once and it didn't mean as much to me till I looked through the viewfinder of a DSLR camera which my friend Tina, made me use.  I had just begun taking nicer pictures of people using my 12 megapixel digital camera and it felt good to see people looking younger, skinnier, and lovelier.  But when I first tried out Tina's Canon DSLR camera, I was just mesmerized.  

Since I was on my way home to the Philippines then, and we wanted to document our stay there better than before, my husband and I decided to get a DSLR.  And that was the beginning of seeing such wonderful things behind the viewfinder. 

Yet I feel my photography story did not begin when I got my first DSLR.  I believe it began with my Great Uncle, Manong Cading and the wonderful photos he took of my family and my childhood.  Here's a favorite photo he took of my 8th birthday:

He did not need a fancy camera, all he needed was the eye behind the lens that can see beauty even in the most commonplace and mundane of locations and occasions.  This photograph seized in a single moment, some of my happiest memories as a child.  And I'll always be thankful to him for all the other moments he preserved.

Looking back at this, I reckon that maybe the love for the lens is in my blood.  But I'm not sure if I can capture what Uncle could.  Maybe one day.  For now, all I have is my enthusiasm to see and wonder from behind the viewfinder.


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  2. Thanks. Is this you Gretch? Or Amy? I am actually following "Grace". I think the blog belongs to both Sunshu and Camille. I believe it's their way to stay communicated as best friends - through pictures and one liners.

    I've been trying to start this blog for some time. I mostly wanted to start it when I got pregnant last December. But I lost the drive when I lost the baby. So hopefully, this is one of my ways of picking things up. =) Love the end of your comment btw - Amilies! =)

  3. Sweet :-).... I must have come across something somewhat similar but not totally the same to what Susnshu has begun just a few weeks ago. I'm sure she and you can inspire each other in this emerging literature of the same branch. Keep on writing and taking pictures. I'm glad that you found a cross-line between three things that are dear to you ---the keyboard, your dslr, and your f(riend)-amilies.

  4. Se, I didn't know that this was you. I thought you were referring to a movie that's why I said "Amelie". Haha.

    You are right indeed in the things that are dear to me. And I for the first time in ages, I feel that I won't falter.